March 10, 2017 – Silicon Valley Automotive News

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Silicon Valley News Update

Week Ending March 10, 2017


This week we saw some interesting developments across the Automotive ecosystem and beyond. Some are some key highlights:

  • Baidu rumoured to invest in NextEV solidifying autonomous car strategy. Read More
  • How Ford will create a new generation of driverless cars. Read More
  • Global IoT Security Market will increase to $464 Million in 2020. Read More
  • Volkswagen CEO says not open to merger talks with Fiat Chrysler. Read More
  • Cars need digital safety standards too. Read More
  • Hungarian start-up claims to have LIDAR-less autonomous driving technology. Read More
  • Tesla to finally close the door on Silevo. Read More
  • Peugeot reaches deal to buy European brands from General Motors. Read More
  • Toyota unveils its first self-driving car. Read More
  • Volkswagen unveils Sedric, its first fully autonomous vehicle. Read More
  • How to invest in self-driving cars ahead of the boom. Read More
  • Forget Uber: How Lyft can win raising another $500 million for self-driving cars. Read More
  • Ford’s dozing engineers side with Google in full autonomy push. Read More
  • Starsky Robotics unveils a self-driving truck that could kill Uber subsidiary Read More
  • How Tesla created an opportunity for Bentley Motors to go electric. Read More


HMP Commentary:

This month we continue to observe the powerful concept of autonomous cars and the commitment of more companies to establish an automotive industry safety standard, among them we noted: Ford, Toyota, Tesla, Volkswagen and Bentley Motors. These safety issues are becoming “front and center” as cars are getting more connected. The competition between the two major ride-sharing companies: Lyft and Uber is growing everyday while General Motors is selling its two major European brands to French automaker PSA Group. New partnerships have been announced: the Chinese giant Baidu plans to invest in the country’s electric car maker NextEV and Ford is working closely with Google. Finally, Tesla is no longer associated with Silevo.


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