August 25, 2017 – Silicon Valley Automotive News

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Silicon Valley News Update

Week Ending August 25, 2017


This week we saw some interesting developments across the Automotive ecosystem and beyond. Below are some key highlights:


  • From Tesla to Mercedes-Benz, automakers become energy companies. Read More
  • FCA partners with BMW, Intel, Mobileye on self-driving cars. Read More
  • Self-driving vehicles will revolutionize service business. Read More
  • Volkswagen reveals electric microbus. Read More
  • Delphi partners with laser-based sensor maker Innoviz to improve vehicle safety. Read More
  • Ahead of Lyft IPO, SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son on verge of major investment. Read More
  • Great Wall Motor Co. says it wants to buy Jeep. Read More
  • General Motors plays it safe with Cadillac Autopilot. Read More
  • Long-range luxury electric car coming from Hyundai in 2021. Read More
  • Why cybersecurity and API management are the next frontiers in vehicle safety. Read More
  • Geely earnings double on cars co-developed with Volvo. Read More
  • Tesla has another rival as Hyundai unveils EV plans. Read More
  • Uber said to have considered automaker joint ventures for self-driving. Read More


HMP Commentary:

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) will join a self-driving alliance led by BMW Group, Intel and its Mobileye subsidiary becoming the second automaker in the year-old group to develop an autonomous driving platform.  FCA had started the Mobileye relationship before the Intel acquisition and it made business sense for FCA to continue the project and join this new alliance. Great Wall Motors, the Chinese SUV manufacturer, announced its interest in purchasing the Jeep brand in order to become a global force in the auto industry. If FCA agrees to sell its most valuable property, it would affect the entire company, and is not likely scenario at this stage. Uber is thinking about joint ventures for self-driving after being approached by various automakers about potential partnerships for its autonomous enterprise. Delphi Automotive just announced it has signed a commercial partnership agreement with Innoviz Technologies, a leading Israeli-based company, developing LiDAR technology for the commercialization of autonomous vehicles to improve vehicle safety for self-driving cars.


Volkswagen just announced that the company will build an all-electric version of its iconic VW microbus to be available in 2022. General Motors just confirmed it will be launching its first hands-off driving system with the Cadillac CT6, the answer to Tesla’s autopilot technology.  Tesla has an another rival to compete with after Hyundai Motor unveiled a dramatic shift in its product strategy focusing heavily on electric cars with plans to launch a premium long-distance electric car. We mentioned a few weeks ago the willingness of Masayoshi Son, SoftBank’s CEO, to invest in Lyft or Uber. Before the Lyft IPO date is even set yet, the telecommunications/investment giant could provide a massive funding round. China’s Geely Automobile beats expectations scoring its fastest earnings growth in eight years after its acquisition of Volvo, a remarkable success story for Geely. Mercedes-Benz just launched a new U.S energy division; this seems to be a new strategy for major car companies as it is following in the footsteps of Tesla, who acquired SolarCity last year.

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