July 14, 2017 – Silicon Valley Automotive News

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Silicon Valley News Update

Week Ending July 14, 2017


This week again we saw some interesting developments across the Automotive ecosystem and beyond. Below are some key highlights:


  • Toyota plays Silicon Valley VC with launch of $100 Million AI ventures fund. Read More
  • How Nvidia’s brains are dominating the self-driving race. Read More
  • Waymo must reveal Lyft deal details to Uber. Read More
  • Self-driving cars prove to be labor-intensive for humans. Read More
  • How traditional car companies are keeping up with Silicon Valley. Read More
  • General Motors says it can mass-produce self-driving cars. Read More
  • Volvo became an unlikely tech superpower when no one was watching. Read More
  • Threats to Tesla‘s plan for electric vehicle dominance. Read More
  • Baidu to announce the first vehicle manufacturing partners for its self-driving software. Read More
  • New Silicon Valley fund aims to connect auto companies and startups. Read More
  • OEMs must shift gears in their approach to cyber security. Read More


HMP Commentary:

The headlines from the Silicon Valley this week feature Nvidia’s momentum, Toyota’s strategic investment and Uber‘s legal problems.  Nvidia keeps making the headlines in the Silicon Valley news media. They have slowly but surely become one of the top automotive suppliers for self-driving cars as seen with its recent announced deals with major OEMs. In our view, they will influence the burgeoning self-driving car industry in the next few years and will become one of the industry major new players.  Toyota just launched a $100 million venture capital unit; Toyota AI Ventures will concentrate its investments in local Silicon Valley startups specializing in AI, self-driving vehicles, robotics, and data analytics. Waymo’s lawsuit against Uber is heating up; the self-driving car unit must disclose due diligence documents to attorneys representing Uber about its partnership with Lyft. The data could be significant in Waymo’s battle accusing Uber of stealing confidential information.


For years, Volvo has been at the forefront of introducing its lines of safety vehicles. With its recent technology investments and partnerships, the Swedish company is becoming one of the most tech-centric brands and they are significantly expanding their R&D presence in the Silicon Valley. Autotech Ventures, a new Silicon Valley venture capital firm, had just raised $120 million from automotive companies and financial investors. The fund will focus on transportation services and digital vehicle technology. General Motors may be the first one capable of mass production of autonomous vehicles. Tesla is facing direct threats from the sudden emergence of competition and unexpected manufacturing problems. Baidu has announced its first vehicle-manufacturing partner for its self-driving software, Chery Automobile. Baidu was one of the first of the new generation of Chinese companies to set up a base in the Silicon Valley when they opened an office in 2011.



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